Cannes – Day 3 takeouts

Razorfish and Contagious on what is creativity – according to data.

They took 15 years of Cannes entries data and used multiple data analytics tools to identify

  • most creative country according to return on entries / New Zealand.
  • most creative make name – Marcello (Marcelo with one “l” in 93rd)
  • most creative female name – Veronica
  • client relationships greater than 10 years are 2 times more likely to win an award.
  • 1.7% chance of bronze. 1.3% chance of silver. 0.8% chance of gold. .007% chance of Titanium. That means 96% chance of nothing…


The Pursuit of Impact – Edelmen in conversation with Will Smith

Charismatic and insightful.

Key takeout – Focus is on the “relatable core” – this becomes the core reason and purpose to create and stories can grow from there.

No longer live in a world of smoke and mirrors and “bad movies get called out in 10 minutes of screening via social media”

Key elements “authenticity and integrity” . The deeper the comprehension of the audience the better the product will be. Shift the focus from product to people, and they will buy into the product because they buy into your values.


Managing to Present and Inventing the Future – DDB

New CEO for North America – ex CMO of Coke Aerated beverages.  20 years a client and 169 days an agency person.  No-one told her that what she was presenting is what agencies have been discussing for the past 3+ years….

That said, the key take outs is the need for speed – the dissemination of information means messages need to be in market faster than ever.

Be creative. Be courageous. Be together.


Why you don’t need an innovation department to foster innovation – 72 & Sunny.

Key take outs – core elements are Mindset, Space and Timing.

Need to design for “creative collisions”.

Patterns and structures is not equal to creativity and innovation. Innovation needs change, surprise and chaos to foster and thrive. Chaotic behaviour needs space for the collision of ideas. And you need to “surf the wave you get”.

Waiting for the perfect wave means missing out. Make something out of nothing – a small brief, an insight, an opportunity not connected to an activity.


Anyone can have an idea. Few have THE idea – Barton F Graf.

Key take out…. Difficult to really say.

Was a chaotic comedy routine of 3 guys on stage in a king size bed who emphasised all ideas should pass the “overnight shit test”. May need to re-watch the video as am sure there was more to their story – but everyone was too busy laughing…


Can your brand keep up with speed of culture? Andrew Benett – Havas and Troy Carter – Atom Factory

Key take out – brands suck at connecting compared to celebrity as they lack authenticity.  

That word “authenticity” was repeated at least a hundred times by Troy Carter .

He started working for P. Diddy as a runner / gopher, then branched out into music promo and managed Lady Gaga from 2007 and connected LA to Silicon Valley at a time that the music industry was suing the tech industry for piracy. Key priority is to have an own platform where all data and information is controlled and allows conversations to be built on. Highly data centric.

He succeeded and has become an angel investor in companies like – Uber, Spotify, Dropbox, Warby Parker, Misfit, Lyft, Wish – so has done pretty well even though his is disappointed in missing Airbnb (isnt everyone) ….

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